Syllable Headphones like "beats by dre" that are cheaper yet sound as good

Some people ask me “Are there any headphones like "beats by dre" that are cheaper yet sound as good?” As we known beats are far from the best. You're absolutely right, they're overpriced because they look flashy and they're a name brand. But Syllable is absolutely a good headphone for you as like as beat. Not only its stylish appearance but also its high sound quality as like as beat.

The Syllable G15 headphones offer a stylish and comfortable design as well as the monster beats by Dr. Dre Solo headphones. They both have several of color to show more fashion. But Syllable G15 adapts to folding design to easy storage and take carry. Included are a nice carrying case and a music-phone-compatible cable. But beats headphones do not adapt this design. 
The sound is probably comparable to beats, though the bass will not be nearly as loud. Syllable headphones are designed for classical and, therefore, have a more balanced sound across all registers. Sound quality is mostly balanced, with warm mids and thumping bass.They is easy to drive on a portable device (i.e. iPod or iPhone) but can also be used in a high quality hifi system. They work great for all types of music though.

Not so with the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio headphones, a sweet-looking set that will relieve you of $350 (or closer to $300 if you shop around). And Syllable G15 is under $150. Price of syllable G15 is more reasonable than beats. But beat brand is more famous than syllable.

So, Syllable Headphones like "beats by dre" that are cheaper yet sound as good. No doubt. If you want cheaper headphone with high sound quality, Syllable G15 is the best choice for you.

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